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VW Thing Red Type 181 watch with very cool sparkle background $49.99 US including shipping.

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Feuerwehr Fire Brigade Type-181

Here is some interesting History about the FEUERWEHR Fire Brigade Type-181.
I hope you enjoy

This 181 is not just any ‘Thing’. It is a factory FEUERWEHR Fire Brigade Type-181, totally original and preserved as new. It was produced on July 9, 1979 and sold in December of 1979 as a 1980 model year to the township of Cuxhaven for use in their Volunteer Fire Department. The VIN is 189 2140 399 which puts it 60th to the last VW 181 ever produced which was VIN 189 2140 459. This time capsule was decommissioned in April of ’06 and has only had one private owner since its 26-year duty in Germany (that's me).

It is currently located in the Los Angeles area and was legally imported and has a current California Pink Slip and registration in my name. Exterior: The paint (factory color: Fireman Red) is all original and in very nice condition, with only slight chips and blemishes. No damage, no repainting, no accidents, no rust or corrosion.

When this 181 was decommissioned, the decals were removed as well as all other parts that they deemed necessary to the operation of the fire department that they could use over again. I have photos of the decals prior to their removal, so I recreated the font and size and placement of all of the lettering. In fact, when I first got the machine, one could tell where the decals used to be based on the differential in paint patina.

While the decals were off, I color sanded and polished, glazed and hand waxed the paint finish and the color is very rich and deep. I then de-waxed the areas for the decal installation and then hand waxed the whole machine again. The rubber, chrome and brightwork are exceptionally well preserved.

The emergency lights are original Volkswagen parts and were installed at the factory on this vehicle. Other exterior VW options are the brush guards, emergency horns mounted on the front bumper, back up lights mounted on the rear bumper, and locking gas cap. Interior: Once again, all paint, upholstery, rubber seals, etc is all original and unrestored. I removed what I could to facilitate cleaning and I polished all of the surfaces and then carefully reassembled everything. There are no tears in the seats, but there is one part of the piping on the bottom cushion of the driver’s seat that should be restitched.

All seats were fitted with factory VW seatbelts. The convertible top is not torn and the vinyl is extremely nice, with one stitched seam on a non-critical area that needs to be re- stitched. The plastic window side curtains are all original and in very nice condition with their original storage bag. On the floor is a full set of duck boards from Larry D. Under the dash is the original Telefunken Police radio with handset. Mechanical: The original motor is another testament to this time machine. It is completely original down to all of the assembly paint marks and decals and stampings. Every single little part is as new.

I removed and rebuilt the carburetor and installed all new ignition parts and adjusted the valves, timing, point gap, idle, etc. It runs fantastic with no issues. The 4 speed synchromesh transmission shifts up and down with no issues or noises. I had the brakes professionally rebuilt with new Ate cylinders, new liners and all parts and bearings cleaned and regreased. The steering is perfect and overall the vehicle is a pleasure to drive in all conditions. With the top and windows in place, the engine heater will keep you warm and cozy inside and the ride is surprisingly quiet with no rattles or buffeting whatsoever.

I just installed (4) 14" tires and i selected a snow tire to give an aggressive look, yet they are quiet on the freeway. Documentation: Original driving and service manuals in original sleeve, orig. cardex listing M-Code options, original registration from Cuxhaven, all import documents, and a Log Book from the Fire House that documents every mile through its total service. Accessories & Goodies: Eberspacher gasoline heater, Embossed Leather key pouch, matching the origination dealer badge on the engine lid, original ignition, door, glove box & gas cap keys, (2) collapsible road hazard signs, small Gloria fire extinguisher, large fire extinguisher, axe, large flashlight, first aid kit, hand held Hella emergency light, side curtain storage bag, convertible top hinge plastic covers with straps, windshield frame vinyl cover, German emergency worker helmet, type-181 spare tire gas can and tool roll. I have had such a great time taking this to local car shows and to the VW classic.

The rotating blue light and ‘eeeeeee-errrrrrrrr’ horns make everyone smile. In my world-wide search I have found only (3) 181’s in Fire Brigade form, 2 are in Europe (an all red one and an all orange one) and one in Arizona.

This one is the most complete and well preserved. It is museum quality and belongs in a collection along side other Things, Acapulco’s, and Trekkers. This could be the rarest 181 in existence considering the lowest production numbers of all styles of 181’s, most well preserved, and built so close to the end of the 10-year run of 181’s. ~Dave


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