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VW Thing Red Type 181 watch with very cool sparkle background $49.99 US including shipping.

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VW Things for Sale

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Operation Herbie®

Operation Herbie® was founded in 2003, is designed to use the increasing popularity of Herbie the Love Bug to focus public attention and funding on the health care needs of children and non profits supporting children with an illness.

Operation Herbie® Owners drivers visit sick children wherever they live. They spend time with each sick youngster answering questions about their sport, posing for pictures and handing out the distinctive Operation Herbie® buttons, assorted memorabilia provide by our sponsors. Herbie has brought a smile to what can sometimes be a very traumatic time, not only for the child concerned but also for the families involved.

If you could see these children, you would be touched by their courage and some with the prospect of many months, sometimes years, of very painful treatment. We aim to bring a sparkle into their lives no matter how big or small.

Operation Herbie® representatives do not except any money for these appearances. We only try to raise a smile for a young child. In addition, in some cases monies had been raised through donations and specific fund raising events for Celiac Disease, The Burn Foundation, Make A. Wish And many others institutions and causes across the country.

Operation Herbie® is looking for volunteers who are excited about helping with various events and hospital visits. Typical opportunities include organizing fund raisers, obtaining items for fundraising auctions, assisting with visits. Maybe you have an idea on other activities for Operation Herbie ® Call us 610.657.3101, if you are interested in a visit, or perhaps becoming a Operation Herbie representative. or visit
Contact Bob Croesus at:



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