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VW Thing Red Type 181 watch with very cool sparkle background $49.99 US including shipping.

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Registey for United States VW Thing ..................Registry for United Kingdom VW Thing

The Registry

Register your Type 181 or 182
Thing, Kubelwagen, Safari, Trekker, Pescaccia, 'Mehrzweckwagen'

This is the Original Type 181 Web Registry
We are a long standing, reputable organization that was one of the first three
Type 181 Sites on the Internet.
And, we are the only one where you can see the results of your input.
These statistics are published here for your edification and enjoyment.
(What do the others do with the information you provide?)
You may also inquire into the history of your car (that's why the VIN # is crucial)
Your input is transmitted over a secure server SSL so the information you provide is safe.
We do not pass on or sell this data to other individuals or businesses.
Privacy Statement
We have been compiling a comprehensive list of remaining Type 181s since 1996.
(As of December 2003, 2,813 Type 181's have been registered)

If you own a Type 181, Type 182 or a Type 82 please Register your car(s).

There is no charge for this service.

Register your car now.

View the data in the registry

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73 VW Thing Sales Brochure
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